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Chinese dealers aim to learn from, invest in U.S. dealership groups

• 12/10/2018

As new-vehicle sales cool in China, dealers are turning to their highly-respected U.S. counterparts to learn how to create additional revenue streams in stores while preparing for potential investments in the American market.

Dealer Corina Diehl on stair-step 'insanity,' succession plans and men behaving badly
• 12/3/2018

Pittsburgh-area dealer Corina Diehl has battled heartache and...

Volvo Cars CEO on trade spats, 'humbling' lessons from Tesla
• 11/26/2018

Chinese-owned Volvo Cars has been transformed in recent years under...

Why it's hard to join, harder to leave No. 1 dealership
• 10/15/2018

A strict candidate screening process makes it tough to land a job at Acura Turnersville near Philadelphia.

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Rising retailers refuse to take no for an answer
• 7/16/2018

Immerse yourself in the automotive industry and adapt to change. Those are two of the career tips from the 2018 40 Under 40 retail class.

Dealer George Girjel fixes broken stores -- and the 'ugly ducklings' within
• 6/18/2018

How do you manage a dealership in Terry Taylor's retail empire? Partner George Girjel, a 40-year-old refugee from Uzbekistan, says creating satisfied employees and customers leads to increased market share and profits.

Why more dealerships are speaking 'everybody's language'
• 6/11/2018

Mercedes-Benz of Novi in suburban Detroit is one of a growing number of U.S. auto retailers touting multilingual staffers who can effectively communicate with an increasingly diverse customer base.

New Honda boss on joining the auto business, avoiding incentives, staying in Calif.
• 6/4/2018

American Honda's new automobile division chief, Henio Arcangeli Jr.


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