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Automotive News Content Studios

is the one stop shop for innovative and compelling content that communicates your own narrative. We tailor and target our programs and custom content to your business goals and objectives.

What we do

Custom high-profile branded marketing programs


Engaging platforms coupled with award-winning industry expertise


Match your objectives with highly credible content that resonates

Our Work

Gallery of Automotive News Work

Custom Supplements & Magazines

Put the power of Automotive News' award-winning team of writers, editors and designers to work for you. Create supplements and magazines that deliver engaging and relevant content to your desired audience. Content is developed for all platforms – print, digital and social media.

Custom Newsletters

Tap into Automotive News' deep industry expertise to create and develop thought leadership quality newsletters.

Custom Online Events

Engage Automotive News to develop online, realtime events, roundtables, webinars and Google Hangouts to reach and influence your audience.


Work with Automotive News' editorial and digital teams to develop infographics that convey data, information or trends to your audience.

Custom Research and Whitepapers

Leverage Automotive News' intelligence capital and turnkey resources to conceptualize, research and draft whitepapers.

Custom Mobile/Tablet Apps

Utilize Automotive News' digital expertise to develop state of the art mobile and/or tablet apps.

Custom Content Hub

Design and develop dynamic custom landing pages and content destinations with Automotive News' award winning digital team.

Custom Video

Leverage Automotive News' talented video team to produce compelling video content.

Custom Content Integration

Integrate directly with Automotive News' content to add credibility to your custom content



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