Ohio has always been an automotive powerhouse. Now we're leading the way in smart mobility, too.

Ohio has always been an automotive powerhouse. Now we're leading the way in smart mobility, too.  Ohio is helping drive the industry forward, both for traditional automotive companies and a new wave of smart-mobility innovators. Ohio's people, companies and organizations continue to design, engineer, test and make what moves the world. 


Ohio's automotive workforce is the third-largest in the U.S. at over 108,000, with 7 percent lower wages than other leading automotive states for top-10 auto occupations. With automotive talent cultivated by highly regarded universities, colleges and technical schools-many  specializing in automotive engineering-companies in Ohio know they have a rich pipeline of high-quality workers.


Ohio has been recognized as a state worth pursuing for business, climbing national rankings. Its momentum has sent a strong message of success that has engaged entrepreneurs, middle-market companies and Fortune 500 companies. More than $12 billion is spent annually on r&d in science and engineering in the state. Among the top states for investments, Ohio has been nationally recognized for its business climate, economic outlook, regulatory environment and small-business tax climate. In fact, Ohio has the lowest effective tax rate on capital-intensive manufacturing in the Midwest.


Ohio is the No. 1 producer of engines and transmissions and has the second-highest number of final assembly plants in the U.S. In close proximity to a high concentration of North American automotive assets, companies in Ohio have easy access to customers, research resources and Tier 1 and 2 suppliers to maintain low-cost, high-efficiency operations. 


The size and strength of Ohio's automotive and technology industries have laid the ideal foundation for companies to drive advancements in smart mobility. An unparalleled mix of resources makes it a hot spot for researchers, developers and manufacturers to create, test and commercialize autonomous- and connected-vehicle technologies. From innovation resources such as the Transportation Research Center and Smart Columbus to the state's various open-road testing sites for autonomous and connected vehicles, there's really no better place than Ohio for smart mobility. 


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